Archival Collections

An archival collection of records is an accumulation of materials either brought together on the basis of a common characteristic such as the subject or medium, or created by an individual, family, organization or business. 

The following finding aids relate to collections held by the Japanese American Historical Society of San Diego. Finding aids assist researchers in the use and understanding of individual collections. They contain information about the collection including administrative history or biographical notes; the scope of the collection, including size, subjects, media, organization and arrangement; acquisition, provenance, and processing; and an inventory of its contents.

AC 1 Donald Estes Research Collection

Donald H. Estes (1936-2005) was a San Diego based historian and educator who wrote and taught about the Japanese American experience in both Southern California and the nation. This collection contains many of the books and articles he wrote, as well as his extensive research files. It also includes materials he collected from the Japanese American community in order to document their internment during World War II.

AC 3 The Hawai’i Herald Newspaper Collection

 The semi-monthly newspaper The Hawai’i Herald published in Honolulu, Hawai’i for the Japanese-American community for the dates June 1, 2012 – May 5, 2017.

AC 4 The East Magazine Collection

The East monthly magazine published by The East Publications Inc. Tokyo, Japan for the dates, August 1979 – April 2006.

AC 5 The Bussei Script Collection

The Buddhist Temple of San Diego monthly newsletter, the Bussei Script for the dates, January 1977 – November 2005.

AC 6 The Pacific Citizen Newspaper Collection

The semi-monthly newspaper, the Pacific Citizen. This is the national publication of the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) and is considered to be the leading national newspaper for the Asian Pacific American community. The collection spans 1953 – 2005.

AC 8 The Miki Honda Ephemera Collection

A collection of ephemera related to local Japanese American events.

AC 9 The Congressional Gold Medal Collection

A Congressional Gold Medal with accompanying proclamations and letters of congratulation to the 100th Infantry Battalion / 442nd Regimental Combat Team, and Military Intelligence Service.

AC 10 Torio Family Collection

A collection of correspondence to Charles and Frank Torio including letters, postcards and Christmas cards as well as miscellaneous photographs, documents, business and calling cards.

AC 11 Tokunosuke Abe Collection

A collection of business records related to the early twentieth-century fishing industry as well as the personal papers of Tokunosuke Abe.

AC 12 Japanese Friendship Garden Collection

A collection of materials related to the Japanese Friendship Garden of San Diego including its initial planning and construction.

AC 13 Clara Breed Collection

An artificial collection consisting primarily of copies of letters written to Miss Clara Breed during World War II from Japanese-American internees. Also included are writings by her sister, Eleanor and internee letters to San Diego librarian, Helen McNary.

AC 14 Ken Nishi Collection

A collection of documents, artifacts and photographs belonging to Ken Nishi and related to his experiences both during and after WWII including incarceration and his time in the military.

AC 16 Japanese Christian Church Collection

A collection of anniversary booklets, property documents, photographs, and other documents related to the history of the San Diego Japanese Christian Church (previously called the San Diego Holiness Church).