Scrapbook Collection

A scrapbook is used to preserve personal and family memorabilia such as newspaper clippings, photographs and ephemera.

The following finding aids relate to scrapbooks in the collection of the Japanese American Historical Society of San Diego. Finding aids assist researchers in the use and understanding of individual collections. They contain information about the collection including administrative history or biographical notes; the scope of the collection, including size, subjects, media, organization and arrangement; acquisition, provenance, and processing; and an inventory of its contents.

SB 1 WWII Military Scrapbook

The scrapbook contains newspaper clippings primarily related to the military from WWII through the 1950s, particularly the U.S. Army and Army Air Corps.

SB 2 Alfred T. Yamaguchi 552nd Field Artillery Battalion Scrapbook

A scrapbook containing photographs and newspaper clippings from WWII specifically related to the 552nd Field Artillery Battalion in France and Germany.

SB 3 Moto Asakawa University of California, Berkeley Scrapbook

A scrapbook containing photographs, newspaper clippings and ephemera collected by Moto Asakawa during his time at the University of California, Berkeley.

SB 4 John Ono Scrapbook

This scrapbook was created by John Ono. It contains ephemera and newspaper articles related to his time at San Diego High School and San Diego State University.

SB 5 Jane Yamaguchi Poston Scrapbook

This scrapbook was created by Jane Yamaguchi. It contains materials collected during her time in Poston III internment camp.

SB 6 Hachisaku Asakawa WWII Scrapbook Collection

These scrapbooks were created by Hachisaku Asakawa and contain newspaper clippings

SB 7 Boy Scout Troop 52 Scrapbook

This scrapbook pertains to Boy Scout Troop 52, a youth group of The Ocean View Church of Christ. 

SB 8 Ruth Takahashi Voorhies Poston Scrapbook

This scrapbook was made by Ruth Takahashi Voorhies and pertains to her life in Poston internment camp.

SB 9 Mas Honda Poston Scrapbook

This scrapbook was created by Mas Honda and pertains to his time in Poston internment camp as well as his travels across country at the end of WWII when internment had ended.

SB 10 Bert Tanaka Military Scrapbook

This scrapbook was created by Bert Tanaka. It is composed primarily of newspaper clippings that relate to his military career.